Old Age India Truth | Ugly Truth Of India | Heaven Better Than Old Age

In India  When you become old you are depend upon your childrens that they will definitely take care of yourself but it’s not true.According to sources there are Lots Of Demand or rush in old age home that old people are increasing year by year.

Old Age India Truth

As Your Sons Or Child Is Not Your Friend And Never Be If you are living with Your Parents You are definitely a lucky one and luckiest parents.


So Its Is Better To die before Old ? 

Yes Or No i don’t know, this message for children who think there parents are burden just think once when you are born They take care of yourself alot, Sacrifices For You , And Think For You everyday , Makes you a better person But You Think That They Are Burden and drop them to old age home or leave them. Its Just Like That (Mai Teri Chinta Lene  Ke Lie Bana  Hu  Aur Tu Bus Meri Chita Jalne Ke lie ) So please Guys they are one whom help you every time you know better than me Who They Are .

According To Hindu News paper

the hindu newspaper report