Chikungunya Symptoms Or Easy Treatment | Proper Chickungunya Treatment

However the Chickungunya virus is viral all over the city of India and even severe parts of India. The major discussions is that what the government is doing for this cause.Now we are going to tell you symptoms and treatment of chickungunya.


Chikungunya Symptoms

Chickun Gunya is a viral infection which is caused by a female mosquito namely  Aedes aegypti and it carries an infection from infected human from to healthy human. Mostly it affected person during the day times and almost found in clean water.An Affected person may have fever and joint person in severe parts of body. Some of common symptoms are

Fever ,joint pains,nausea, rashes,vomiting and fatigue


Treatment Of Chikungunya

According To doctors  There is no specific treatment of chickungunya  You Must have to take rest properly and drink plenty of fluids.Chickungnuya virus easliy take 7 days after that you may feel little fatigue just take rest properly and proper medicine. So It is easy to fight with chickungunya virus and just keep in mind Don’t be careless while this virus Proper Treatment Is necessary

treatment of chickungunya