Study Abroad FAQs | Quality Education Lacks In India 

Education is the tool which can change anything in the world. A book can make you Successful But where we get right book as India failed in quality education.

There is Lots of quantity but not quality as students thinks to go abroad to get good and quality education. we have lots of university but what  we learnt there just filled the sheets and get the marks for UG programmes and right from start as in school days we never forget burden of bags.(Focused on theoretical rather than practicals)

Quality Education Lacks In India
Quality Education Lacks In India

Well Question arises whether go for abroad or study in home

As In US Fees For Technology and management  is around $25000 approx

In Italy  for design , art and management is almost  20000 euros

Here I am saying that why not India attracts students from outside even the home students are going abroad (What they have Infrastructure , Faculty or Good Track Records ) Only Difference is Quality Education Lacks In India.